Our Modern Approach provides all the functionality you would expect to analyse your Casualty portfolio, built around 4 key values: Forward Looking, Transparent, Ease of Use and Real Time.


Forward Looking

Each casualty event is different, and while historic data can be used as a guide, changing economic, legal and regulatory factors can create step changes in how liabilities will trigger and spread. We have therefore taken an approach that allows you to use the entire supply chain, which combined with expert input can understand how losses will unfold.


In order to manage your portfolio and its capital requirement, it is critical that you can evidence your case. We use an approach that makes all parameters and inputs transparent and adjustable and outputs exportable, to enable you to not only model the events that may occur, but also stress test them so that you understand how the losses may be impacted in different situations.



Ease of Use

Our revolutionary approach helps you understand the supply chain. Combined with market leading network visualisation software, CAP takes complex casualty portfolios, and presents them in a way that you and your management can understand and analyse (in seconds).

Real Time

Traditional modelling approaches can take up to 24 hours or more to run. We think this is too long, and our approach allows you to change the parameters and update the results in real-time, enabling you to model as many scenarios as you need quickly and efficiently.