The Casualty Analytics Platform is a liability exposure management tool to help underwriters and management understand and manage casualty risk.

Casualty events are rarely contained within one sector, and using our database of over 2.6k industry classifications, more than 100k trade connections, and millions of companies, we can help you understand your portfolio in the context of the global supply chain.

Our scenario functionality enables users to design, store and run events, calculate losses to their portfolio, and provides a consistent approach to liability scenarios and event loss modelling.

The Casualty Analytics Platform was developed with support from a range of London Market participants. It provides a modern, transparent approach that enables users to manage risk by looking forwards as well as back, with transparent and easy to use functionality that provides real time updates.


Meet our team at the following conferences:

  • 7th – 9th Sept 2015– Liability Underwriters Group Conference, Cambridge
  • 8th – 9th Oct 2015 – Bermuda Insurance Market conference, Bermuda
  • 4th – 5th Nov 2015 – 11th Annual Liability Regimes, Switzerland
  • 16th Nov 2015 – Predictive Modelling Insights Conference organised by Advisen, London